Say hello to the leadership at The Bridge.

Meet our leadership

Moses & Jamie Aleman - Lead Pastors

Pastor Moses & Jamie Aleman have a passion to impact their community, experience God's presence, and CONNECT people to God, others, and His purpose for their life.

Tassie Hare, and her energetic team of volunteers, are passionate about demonstrating the love of Christ to kids of all ages!

Samuel Nazario - "YAY" (Youth & Young Adults)

Samuel Nazario has a heart to see Youth and Young Adults find their indentity through a relationship with Christ, and live out their faith in their culture and community.

Jamie Aleman - Worship

Jamie Aleman and her team lead our church family in worship and ultimately into God's presence every Sunday!

David Udell - Media

David Udell oversees everything Media at The Bridge including Audio, Video, and lighting.

Robyn Udell - Connection/BridgeGroups

Robyn Udell leads the connection team at The Bridge. Robyn and her team help all those that attend feel welcome, assisted, and loved. She also leads our Bridgegroups where she helps create an environment of growth and community.

Antonio & Amanda Cisneros - Setup/Teardown

Antonio & Amanda Cisneros lead the Setup/Teardown team at The Bridge. They and their team ensure that all is in it's place for a distraction free service, and it is put away for continued use.